The third album of bulgarian gore/grinders FECAL BODY INCORPORATED is ready. "The Art Of Carnal Decay" include 10 tracks recorded at Murder Sound Studio by Ivo Ivanov (ENTHRALLMENT). The album will be out at 1st September 2016 by Mediaplan Group.

fbi album

::: Our STUDIO is open now !!! :::

To finish the all services for artists, the final step is fact. We open our Recording / Mix / Mastering Studio only for Rock, Metal & Core bands.

What we offer you?

- Professional multichannel recording & mixing

- Voice and instruments editing

- Mastering - Authors music

- Arrangement and song recording

- Manufacturing of advertising spot

- Team of studio musitions for project realisation


::: Tribute to TERRORIZER :::

Mediaplan Group will release the first official tribute of grindcore legends TERRORIZER !!!!! The all bands interest to be part of this, contact with us.


::: New ANGERCURE official video :::

ANGERCURE are finally ready with new video clip called Pariah Brainrover.